Deans' council discusses a variety of academic and administrative issues and shares information on many topics affecting the institution.

The council, chaired by the provost and vice-president academic, is composed of all deans, executive directors of schools, vice-deans from the College of Arts & Science & vice-provosts, with the executive assistant to the provost and vice-president academic serving as secretary.

The expanded deans’ council consists of those listed above as well as the vice-presidents, associate vice-presidents and assistant provost.

Deans’ Council Executive

To allow all deans/executive directors an opportunity to become actively engaged as a member of the deans’ executive.  Deans’ executive members will assist with setting the agenda for deans’ council meetings, the deans’ retreat, and other events deans may be involved in.


  1. The executive will consist of two deans/executive directors
  2. Terms will be two years in length, alternating years for each member 
  3. Terms will run from September to August
  4. Elections/nominations will occur at the first meeting in June of each year.  The provost will have the opportunity for final confirmation of executive members
  5. Results will be announced at the second meeting in June of each year