Annual Financial Report

2018/19 Annual Financial Report

The administration of the university is responsible for the preparation of the consolidated financial statements and has prepared them in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. The administration believes that the consolidated financial statements fairly present the financial position of the university as of April 30, 2019 and the results of its operations and the changes in its fund balances for the year then ended.

Shelley Brown Chair, Board of Governors

Message from Shelley Brown Chair, Board of Governors

At the heart of our mandate is the idea that the University of Saskatchewan—through its teaching, learning and research mission—will improve the lives of people of the province and beyond. The Board of Governors works to support the university’s leadership to this end. Our decisions ensure that the resources entrusted to us by the people of Saskatchewan advance our priorities and address society’s most pressing challenges.

Despite difficult economic times in Saskatchewan, we were encouraged that the government demonstrated confidence in our institution. We understand that we are significant stakeholders in Saskatchewan’s growth and success. As such, as the province continues to work through a deficit situation, we have stepped up to do our part during difficult economic times.

The work of our university, and indeed the Board of Governors, is best reflected in the pages of this annual financial report. Through the numbers, the university’s important work comes into sharp focus, as do our priorities.

The university’s priorities are diverse, but what they have in common is significant: they meet the needs of the people of the province, provide new and expanded supports, pathways, opportunities and programs for students, support an innovation agenda, and address emerging labour market demands. All of this is undertaken with a clear view to sound fiscal management, with increasing efficiency of operations, investments in our priorities, and the growth and diversification of our revenue streams.

We take seriously the responsibility of being entrusted with oversight of public resources and using those resources effectively in order to strengthen our province. By providing outstanding education to the future leaders of our province and developing world-class research, our institution will help to ensure a prosperous future for Saskatchewan.

Shelley Brown 
Chair, Board of Governors

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